Why Does My WordPress Website Load Slowly?

Frustration about slow loading website can be fixed by Bauertech

The speed of your website has a significant impact on its performance and, as a result, its success. Users who endured the evolution of the internet quickly tired of slow connection speeds, but many users don’t even know the struggle. Regardless of what side of the generational divide you find yourself on, one thing is […]

Juggling your freelance job, full time job, and family

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Do you have a hard time juggling your freelance job / full-time job / family balance? It never used to be this way. I have the itch. It causes me to never settle down when it comes to doing things. I struggle with it every week. I love talking to new people, engaging in new […]

— Brand Shift —

Bauertech is now
The Marketing Clerics

Bauertech is shifting its services primarily to IT Consulting. All marketing clients Bauertech previously served will now be served by The Marketing Clerics. Fully owned and operated by the same people, just a new brand!