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Coming up with topics for your business’s content is one thing, but actually sitting down and creating that information can be a completely different task. How do you actually create informative content that incorporates SEO? There are specific strategies you can use to rank well on search engines and increase website traffic. Here’s what small business owners need to know about making high-quality, SEO-supportive content. 

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is truly the bread and butter of SEO. The more you know about what people are looking for, the higher you rank on search engines. Keyword research allows you to see what’s trending to capture the attention of specific audiences. While conducting research, you should also create a list of related keywords that can further elevate your content. Try to develop a good mix of long and short keywords that outrank competitors creating similar content. 

Think About Your Audience’s Intent

Speaking of your audience, you should try to figure out what they’re specifically looking for. Searchers typically look for three kinds of content: transactional, navigational, and informational. Transactional searches generally are meant to purchase a product or service. Navigational searches are trying to look for a specific website or location. Finally, informational searches are looking for educational content. You can use keywords to answer customers’ questions and bring them to your business if you know what they’re looking for. 

Pay Attention to Your Content’s Appearance

While it’s important to create unique and engaging content, it’s just as essential to make sure it’s appealing to the eye. Customers aren’t going to be interested in messy, inaccessible content. Thus, when publishing content related to your business, make sure to cover everything. This should include details such as text layout, imagery, and paragraph structure. This will help viewers read your content while navigating through the information seamlessly. 

Incorporate Meta Descriptions

Always add meta descriptions for your content. These will give audiences a glimpse into your content, encouraging them to click on the information. Granted, meta descriptions should be a reflection of what they’re about to read. With that in mind, make sure it’s just as well-written as the rest of your content. Meta descriptions are also another way to incorporate SEO, as you can use specific keywords that correlate with your audience’s interests. 

Create Relevant Information

It’s important to remember that your content can reflect the expertise of your business. It can be an opportunity to showcase yourself as the best in your industry. Thus, when developing a content strategy, your topics should be relevant to your audience. For example, if a certain customer searches for a specific interest, your business should be one of the first to pop up. This can be done by using relevant keywords, both short and long, and writing high-quality content. 

Always Revise Your Work

We’ve all come across blogs that were riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. You can include all of the high-ranking SEO keywords you’d like, but it’s not going to amount to anything if your content is poorly written. Plus, it’s important to reiterate that your information is going to be a reflection of your expertise. If your content isn’t written well, people aren’t going to trust you with your services. Thus, before publishing anything, always revise your content. This includes everything from spelling and punctuation to the layout. 

Don’t Forget to Backlink

Part of high-ranking SEO practices is strategic backlinking. This means including reputable sources that both back up your information and support keywords. Backlinking to a trusted source can instill trust in your viewers while boosting SEO. This can also involve internal linking to your other content covering similar topics. Make sure these can be found within the content itself instead of along a sidebar or footer. This can help your audience traverse through a wide range of informative content without ever leaving your website. 

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Stop guessing on what you need to do to get found on Google.

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