SEO for Landscapers: Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

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A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your Google My Business Page to Improve SEO for Landscapers.

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Entrepreneurs may handle their digital presence from across web browsers and its increasing array of services using Google Business Profile. Moreover, Google Business Profile is a free service provided by the search engine giant Google.

This tool is an excellent source for offering quick and relevant information to your customers while enhancing your website’s SEO.

Skilled SEO professionals employ Google Business Profiles to implement a location-based strategy to increase their rankings. The first step in achieving success in Local SEO for Landscapers is to create a Google Business Profile.

One method of increasing local SEO for Landscapers, exposure, and consumers is establishing and optimizing a Google My Business page. The business’s operational details, reviews, articles, and other content get listed on your Google My Business page.

The best part about the Google My Business page is that it is a free service from Google.

What is a Google my Business Page?

Every industry enterprise needs a focused presence on Google. This presence is especially necessary for individual businesses. Although most companies are aware that this involves optimizing the website and Google Ads, many are unaware that there is a tertiary element that requires optimization: the Google business listing.

You can find this in Google search results. When utilized properly, Google My Business is an effective instrument that may help businesses raise their revenue while also providing great information about the customers’ behavior.

The Basics of Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profile information that has been verified assists the company in obtaining the information for its database on firms and associated companies relevant to certain inquiries. Setting up your Google Business Profile and Google My Business Page only takes a few steps of inputting your business information.

Make a My Business Account for the Company

It is important to establish SEO for Landscaping Business. One crucial thing to remember about a Google Business Profile is that it is completely independent of a Google My Business account. The latter must first be optimized to have access to and maximize the former. Head over to and log in with the standard Google or Gmail account that one uses for the business to get started.

Complete Every Section of the Google My Business Account

It is important to have a thorough Google Business Profile. It assists Google in placing higher in Local SEO for Landscapers results and boosts the number of activities people do after finding the profile. With so much information to present, below are some principles for prioritizing what should get done.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Operating Hours
  • Category and Attributes
  • Products and services
  • Posts
  • Reviews
  • Questions and answers

Meticulously Fill Out Your Contact Details

Make certain that the SEO for Landscaping Business’ name and the name that appears on the physical store are the same. Everything must be precisely how it appears in the actual world.

Also, ensure that the Company’s name and address are precisely the same on all other online listings, as Google’s algorithm considers these irregularities when evaluating business reliability. Indicate the usual business hours as well as the holiday hours. As a result, clients will be more likely to visit. They will prevent the possibility of receiving a poor review from someone who traveled to the location only to discover that it was unavailable.

Add all Products and Services Your Landscaping Business Offers

Integrating products and services is extremely advantageous if the Company’s offers are not immediately apparent from the name of the Company. When adding products and services, you should include the product or service’s identifier, a description, and pricing.

How to Optimize a Google My Business Page’s SEO for Landscapers

Improve Local SEO for Landscapers by Optimizing Your Google My Business Page.

Below are some strategies for transforming the Google My Business Profile into a conversion tracking and marketing tool that works around the clock. You can optimize your Local SEO for Landscapers with these six Google My Business optimization tips.

Write the “From the Business” Description

The first thing to remember is that the quick summary that shows directly below the business name on the Business Profile is not anything that one can truly edit or change. This option is the technical description that Google creates to maintain consistency throughout the entire website.

The only portion of the Google My Business account dashboard in which one influences the description is the “from the business” section. This area displays toward the bottom of the profile, frequently beneath the feedback section.

Spend all 750 characters available in the “from the business” area of your Google Business Profile, with the most important information appearing in the first 250 characters. If any data is already public in other profile areas, do not repeat it here. Use this space to discuss what distinguishes the Company from the competition and what aspects of the organization clients find most appealing.

Within your “From the Business” description, incorporate any keywords you are targeting. Need help figuring out which keywords to target? Check out our guide on selecting keywords for landscaping businesses.

Select All Applicable Attributes

One way to increase the possibility that the Local SEO for Landscapers will appear in much more specialized searches is to include attributes to the Google My Business listing. Google allows businesses to provide technical services, functions, and other characteristics about their company to allow their listings to appear in relevant local searches when people look for them. They can also choose traits that they believe characterize the Company’s products or services.

After finding the Company’s listing profile, tap on “Info” in the left-hand column to get more information. A blue price tag indicator will appear below the main listing information, such as the phone number and operating hours. To add or change any business attributes, tap on the editing pencil icon.

Completely Fill Out the Q&A Section

The answers may serve as the push for a consumer to choose one’s Company above the competition. It is truly essential to optimize this aspect of your business’s Google profile as not only may anybody ask a question, but anyone can also answer.

One may set up alerts to keep track of the questions and answers published to the profile. Create a list of the questions posed the most frequently in the firm. Then go to one’s profile, pose a question, respond to it, and then upvote the personal response. These actions do not violate the terms and conditions of Google.

Moreover, it is possible to increase the SEO for Landscaping Business’ position for a certain term by answering questions that contain keywords. So, when establishing the Q&A section, keep the keyword plan in mind, but use them in a natural and free manner.

Upload High Definition Photos

You should upload photographs for the Business Profile through the Google My Business account’s administrative dashboard. Make certain that the quality is high. Anyone can upload images to the Business Profile, which means there will be a quality variation. By uploading some high-quality photographs, you can ensure that your profile is visually appealing.

Taking an active role by adding photos to the profile shows Google that the business owner is engaged with it and updated, which impacts the ranking. Moreover, Images will appear in the search results. As picture recognition technology advances, Google is also beginning to integrate photos.

Lastly, by adding photos, there will be an increase in the level of involvement. According to Google’s research, consumers are 42 percent more likely to seek directions to a business and 35 percent more likely to click on the business’s website if the Business Profile contains photos.

Get Reviews

Google understands that customer feedback is the most influential component in consumer purchasing decisions, and as a result, this is a significant ranking factor in their algorithm. Start with the long-term, loyal consumers to keep the momentum going.

Create a feedback shortcut link to make it as simple as possible for customers to leave a review. When prompted, 70 percent of customers will submit a review on a website. Use emails, chat, social media, and in-person interactions to engage with the consumers.

Customers should know that reviews are not only for personal benefit. They also assist others experiencing the same problems as they are in finding a solution and making rational judgments. Respond to customer reviews. It encourages additional customers to leave reviews and helps the business rank higher in SEO for Landscapers.

Post Regularly

Like anyone on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you may add updates, deals, events, and items to the Google Business Profile. All posts get produced on the Google My Business dashboard, shown in the Updates area.

Adding images and posting on a routine basis give Google positive ranking signals. Moreover, the consumers’ intent is higher on search engines than on other posting platforms. Consumers can subscribe to the Business Profile and receive notifications when new postings or updates get created.


Optimizing the Google My Business Page is a must to increase SEO for Landscaping Businesses. As there are many competitions and as consumers shift online, it is only important to stay on top of every SEO for Landscapers to obtain more customers.

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