7 ways to write more persuasive sales copy

how to write sales copy

Are you ready to learn how you’re going to be ten times more persuasive with your sales copy after reading these 7 tips? You’ll learn how to make your audience feel like your product or service can solve all their problems. In addition, you’ll learn how to avoid making any of these common mistakes that […]

Why are people leaving your website? Engage your visitors!

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Do you struggle to engage your visitors on your website? Do you have more visits on your homepage than any other page of your website? It’s okay. I’ve been there. I’m hoping this article will help you engage your visitors today! It’s taken me years in an uphill battle to get to where I am […]

— Brand Shift —

Bauertech is now
The Marketing Clerics

Bauertech is shifting its services primarily to IT Consulting. All marketing clients Bauertech previously served will now be served by The Marketing Clerics. Fully owned and operated by the same people, just a new brand!