5 Signs Your Hosting is Slowing Down Your WordPress Site

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Good WordPress Hosting

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Web hosting is the foundation of everything you do online. Thus, the quality of your hosting affects your SEO, Adwords, and Facebook ads. In turn, this affects the number of inquiries, calls, and emails your site generates.

A fast and reliable host will readily pay for itself in the form of increased website inquiries, calls, and sales.

Therefore, for companies whose main source of revenue lies in their website, the importance of investing in the best hosting they can get — the lifeline of their company — cannot be overstated.

Importance of Good WordPress Hosting

As established, your WordPress hosting service is critical to the success of your website. A reputable shared hosting service will go above and beyond to optimize your website for speed

With shared hosting, however, you share the server resources with a large number of other clients. Using a managed WordPress hosting provider, on the other hand, will provide you with the most efficient server configurations for running WordPress. WordPress hosting companies also include automatic backups, WordPress upgrades, and more comprehensive security configurations to protect your website.

5 Signs

Here are some of the most common signs that your hosting is causing your WordPress site’s load time to be delayed.

1. Site Outages During High Traffic or Email Blasts

Site outages on a sporadic basis are typically an indication that your hosting is overburdened with all of the work required to keep up with the traffic you are giving it. Suppose you notice that your site runs smoothly during off-peak traffic periods but frequently crashes during peak traffic. In that case, it is likely that your site is either under-optimized or that your hosting plan is too limited for the sort or quantity of traffic you are sending it.

However, before upgrading your hosting service, you should make a point of optimizing your site to make it as efficient as possible. Suppose you have never optimized your site’s speed before. In that case, chances are it is not even getting the most out of the resources it already has, so throwing additional horsepower at it will merely result in greater monthly expenditures.

2. Problems that are Impossible to Reproduce

You can find a contact form of some sort on almost every website. Those forms must work, especially if your site contains e-commerce because they are the component of your site that moves visitors from window shopping to conversion. There are various reasons why contact forms break, but if your symptoms include working one minute and then failing the next, it is likely due to an excessively high website load.

If there are no other evident faults and you have already noticed some delay or instability, the next sign is where you should look next.

3. Out of Memory Errors

As one might expect, the more complex your website is, the more memory it will require to function. If your site gets filled with WordPress plugins, or the site’s goal is more about what it “does” than what it “says,” the minimal amount of horsepower necessary to run your site will be more than a typical small company site or blog.

4. Timeouts

Another symptom that can indicate a variety of things is timeouts. At the very least, they suggest that a step in the process of displaying your website is taking too long. That could be due to inadequate site speed optimization, such as slow database queries, or a server overload caused by another customer on your shared hosting account.

If you can figure out what is causing the timeout and repair it, by all means, go for it. If, however, you cannot pinpoint the source, consider speeding up your site. Or, if you can afford it, upgrade your hosting package to something that is not affected by your host’s other clients, such as a dedicated or virtual private server. However, you do not want to start flinging cash at the problem haphazardly.

5. Partial Page Loads, No Styling, or Missing Images

When a page on your site appears to load before stalling or failing to load partially, this is generally a sign that your server is overloaded.

Interestingly, it could also be a case of your browser caching copies of your site too intensively, which is what browsers do to speed up the web.

The litmus test for whether this is a speed issue is not whether you, as the site owner, are experiencing it. It is pretty uncommon for this to happen just for you from time to time if you own and regularly edit the site. However, if the problem affects your visitors regularly, especially during peak traffic periods, take it as a hint that it is a performance issue. You should look into alternate hosting or infrastructure choices, like a CDN.

What are Your Options Now?

If you notice that your WordPress site is unreliable or slow, you should probably talk to your web developer about it first. You can resume normal operations if they can identify and address the source of the problem. At the very least, some basic site caching and housecleaning is in order.

Remember that two factors ultimately determine WordPress speed: how much raw power your site has and how efficient it is in using that raw power.

Unless you already know your WebHost is a slack, do not assume hosting is the root of the problem and bounce from host to host in search of the best deal. In the long run, this will only waste time and money.

Make it a priority to optimize your WordPress site speed first and foremost. Once you exhaust your options, you will determine how much of the problem is caused by your host.


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