SEO for Landscapers: The Most Effective Link Building Strategies

The 10 Most Effective Link Building Strategies to Optimize Your SEO for Landscapers.

The application of SEO is a pivotal part of garnering customers. Your website and social media are the linchpins of your business, as most people look for landscapers online. Implementing and maintaining good SEO practices helps your business rise above the rest because it links everything your company offers. From reviews to specific business capabilities, […]

Marketing Strategies for Landscaping Businesses

The most effective marketing strategies for landscaping businesses.

Landscaping is a business with a plethora of opportunities. As the springtime flowers blossom, so do the possibilities for a budding landscaping company. Whether you are starting this season or have already embedded your roots into a steady stream of patrons, marketing is still a key factor in keeping your business vibrant. Nobody wants to […]

— Brand Shift —

Bauertech is now
The Marketing Clerics

Bauertech is shifting its services primarily to IT Consulting. All marketing clients Bauertech previously served will now be served by The Marketing Clerics. Fully owned and operated by the same people, just a new brand!