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If your site is like this…

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You’re tired of your website being slow and not converting well. You’ve asked your current web developer, but they can’t help you! You’re left in a position where your customers are abandoning your website. How could this happen?

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Meet your new potential with Bauertech’s WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Imagine having a website that loads in less than 2 seconds, so customers don’t have to wait around forever just to see what it is you do. And imagine getting more conversions because people are able to read your content faster and easier.

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How do we do it?

Bauertech specializes in making sure websites load extremely fast by removing unnecessary code from the site, optimizing images, compressing videos, and other techniques that make sites run faster. We’ll also provide expert advice on design elements that are slowing your WordPress website down.

This process involves manual analysis and changes, but we also leverage automated tools that have proven useful over the years. More about our process later.

Our History of Speed Optimization Services

I’ve been optimizing WordPress websites since 2018.  I’m still in awe every time I dig into a WordPress site that takes 10+ seconds to load. Then, after database optimization, image compression, browser caching, minifying javascript and CSS, and digging into each page, and removing unnecessary code; the site loads in less than 2 seconds.

I’ve optimized over 200 WordPress sites to date. This process has taught me a great deal about WordPress speed optimization services and what it really takes to give customers the user experience they desire.

Every website is different, and I enjoy every moment of this work. It’s easy for me to know that I’m making somebody happy because their site loads fast and people are buying more products/services. That’s not something you find with most WordPress developers!

What’s included in our WordPress Speed Optimization Services?

We provide a WordPress speed optimization service package that gives our customers a list of things we do to make sure their site is loading in less than 2 seconds. Our service is unique in that you receive a lifetime license to the plugins we use so your website will remain optimized long after we’re through.

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How we test your website performance

In order to ensure your WordPress website speed is improved objectively, Bauertech uses three independent speed testing tools.

Many developers offering speed optimization services use improper techniques to make it appear that your website is loading fast in Google Pagespeed Insights tests. We only leverage honest and proven techniques to improve your site speed.

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The Results

Our customers experience that their website is between 2x and 5x faster during real-world usage scenarios. A great improvement! Ecommerce sites tend to get the best results because they have extremely large WordPress databases and can benefit most from our WordPress speed optimization service. High-traffic blogs also benefit from WordPress caching

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We document all optimizations that were done in a concise report delivered to you allowing you to review what was done on your website for your own peace of mind.

If you’re ready to take advantage of our WordPress speed optimization service, contact us today! You’ll see better conversions, reduced bounce rates more page views/visitors.

How long does it take to improve WordPress performance?

Our services are split into three phases. Each phase varies in length to complete.

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Phase 1 – Cleanup and Database Optimization

In this phase, we analyze and remove extra plugins and plugins. Then we remove any unneeded database tables and optimize the entire database. This phase takes about 1-2 days to complete.

Phase 2 – Optimization, Image Compression, and Custom Adjustments

This is the longest phase with the bulk of the work. It includes WP Rocket configuration specific to your website needs, Perfmatters and page-by-page analysis to disable unused CSS or JavaScript files, a one-time compression of all images, and finally, any other customizations needed for maximum speed optimization. This phase takes about 5-7 days to complete.

Phase 3 – Updates for Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core

This final phase of the project involves updating all plugins, themes, and WordPress Core. These updates are tested and validated on the clone website before implementing them on the production website. This phase takes 1-2 days to complete.

What makes Bauertech WordPress Speed Optimization Services different from other WordPress speed optimization companies?

A lot of large agencies will propose to make all improvements directly on your production website. Bauertech uses modern technology to copy your entire website to our Dedicated Digitalocean server to test each and every change before making the change on your production website. This limits the business impact of your WordPress speed optimization service.

Not just that.

It also enables us to identify if your hosting provider is to blame for your slow Wordpress website because, in the end, every change made to the copy of your website on our dedicated Digitalocean server is replicated on your production website. If it does end up being an issue with your hosting company, Bauertech has seats on our dedicated Digitalocean servers to suit your needs.

Here’s a recent example of a website that had issues with its host provider:

We also do not artificially increase the speed of your website for our baseline report. We use techniques that are proven to work and produce actual results for our customers.

If you recently had service with us and your host provider is not living up to your expectations, talk to us about hosting on our Dedicated Digitalocean server for as low as $25/month!

One of the biggest reasons for people leaving a website is that it takes too long to load. That’s why we use multiple techniques based on years of experience and proven results to help you reduce your bounce rate.

Our mission is to improve the online success of our customers, reduce their bounce rates and increase conversions by maximizing website speed. We also provide SEO services that will drive organic traffic to your website, naturally. Now that site speed and other core web vitals are a part of Google’s ranking algorithm, we wanted to make sure our clients met the other criteria to safely rank their website.

We help you stand out from your competitors and get results, just like our previous clients:

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“Quite simply the best on Fiver. Adam knows what he’s doing, and does the job properly without using shortcuts. If you found Adam you will save a lot of time to book him! Will use again.”



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“I can’t describe the type of service Adam delivers. He is without a doubt one of the best sellers of technical SEO speed analysts I have ever worked with. Adam is always on top of communication. He goes beyond excellent and reaches for the stars when it comes to satisfying his clients. I am not sure what I would do without his services. Thank you Adam!”


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