10 ways to get backlinks with no money

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As you already know, links are very important for your website. They help to increase the credibility of your site and improve its ranking in search engines. It is very easy to gather them if you have a large budget or can offer some kind of product or service in exchange for the backlink. But what if you are just starting with your website and have no money at all? You can still get links pointing to your site.

Whether you are a blogger, an online store owner, or just want to promote your company, having backlinks is very important for you. There are many ways that can help you increase the number of links pointing to your website. And it doesn’t even cost anything! Use these tricks and tools to attract new visitors without spending any money.

1. Linkbait your posts

Linkbait is an “attractive, interesting or controversial” piece of content with the goal to attract a large number of backlinks and social shares. If you create interesting, unique, and valuable content people will naturally share it on their blogs and social media profiles. It’s also very good for SERPs because more links mean higher rankings. There are many tools that can help you find key influencers in your area (e.g Buzzsumo ). Find them, write something they would like to read about, and offer them a link in exchange for sharing this article with their readers.

Make sure you are being truthful with the content you are “baiting” and people won’t even get upset with your content.

2. Make infographics yourself

Infographics are one of the most popular types of visual content used by bloggers and marketers. They are attractive, easy to create and share plus they give you an opportunity to get links from related sites. There are many free tools available online that can help you create infographics without any design skills (e.g. Easel.ly – infographic maker). However, if you want them to be really high quality it will cost you some money.

Another way of getting links is reaching out to influencers in your industry and asking them if they could link to one of your posts or even make a blog post themselves with the link pointing back to your site (or product). This strategy is effective because usually people like sharing their own content especially when it’s linked to their blog. There are many tools that can help you with finding influencers in your area (e.g. NinjaOutreach ).

4. Get traffic from other sites

The main idea is to find relevant blogs that are willing to share their visitors with you. The easiest way is finding sites running a similar promotion campaign as you, for example, if you have an ebook, look for bloggers who are promoting free ebooks or ask your friends or Twitter followers if they know any site that might be interested in sharing its visitors with you. However, these links are not really valuable for SERPs so use this type of backlinks only when it’s impossible to get others.

If you create a lot of great content and link to people who have useful information for your readers, they will be happy to share your article with their visitors if you add a backlink to their website. This type of link is exactly what search engines are looking for so use this trick when you write new blog posts or just update old ones. Also, don’t forget that these kinds of links can boost SERPs of more than one page so don’t create only one resource page but multiple ones used in different blogposts.

6. Write posts for other bloggers

Writing a guest post is also a good way to get backlinks that are both naturally obtained and have lots of value for SEO. It’s a win-win strategy because you can get new readers and backlinks from the same page increasing your brand awareness and SERPs at the same time. You can approach website owners in your industry, or sites with large social media followings, offering them content written by you in exchange for a link back to your site. This method is more suitable when building links on bigger sites so don’t expect too much from smaller blogs.

7. Start a round-up campaign

Find top 10 lists related to your business niche then contact authors who made them asking whether would be possible to include a link to your site as well. Usually, they are more than happy to do it and also share those lists with their audience. This is typically most beneficial for product-based businesses over service-oriented ones. e.g. Top 10 Vacuums of 2021, vs. Top 5 Landscapers of 2021.

8. Use real-time search tools

In order to find backlinks that were obtained recently you can use search engines or free online tools like NinjaOutreach. However, if you want more accurate information about the current backlink profile of your site you need to use paid services designed for SEO professionals (e.g Semrush). This kind of tool will help you see where your website is featured on other sites, how it was anchored, and the reputation of the website featuring your link.

9. Prepare a press release

Writing a well-researched and informative press release about your business is a good way to gain some high-quality backlinks from authority sites as news related to your industry are usually published on those kinds of websites. In order to boost the effects of this strategy, you can notify journalists who work for those blogs as they might share your story with their readers as well.

Posting content related to your business niche on social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook will attract people interested in this topic and the way to get the most out of social media is just to ask for backlinks. You can do it politely by asking people if they would like to check out your website or something more direct. However, be careful when doing that as you might get into trouble with some companies whose products or services are mentioned on your page.

And there you have it, 10 ways to get backlinks without breaking a sweat! Now go ahead and start plugging these ideas into your strategy while you work on other parts of your business. Let us know which method was your favorite in the comments below!

10 ways to get backlinks with no money

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